Advisory Services

UES has extensive experience assisting purchasers of producing oil and natural gas assets with valuation and operator transition related to oil and natural gas marketing.

Since 2010, UES has assisted in closing transactions in excess of $1B. These transactions consist of over 1 TCFE of total net proved reserves and net daily production in excess of 250MMCFD. In addition to closed transactions, UES has evaluated the marketing position tied to over 4 TCFE of net proved reserves.

Our process-oriented approach to pre-bid diligence seeks to fully value the marketing position and midstream assets tied to the sale of producing oil and gas properties.


Commercial Overview: We begin with a commercial overview of the property to understand the flow of oil and gas from the wellheads to ultimate sales points.

Quantitative Analysis: With a commercial understanding of the contracts we will then seek to quantify the value of the daily and future produced oil, gas and NGLs in support of the bid value.


Contract Review: We then seek to identify and review all marketing contracts in order to identify contractual obligations and liabilities that could affect the value of the underlying asset.

Data Gathering: Using the contract summary we will then begin collecting and reviewing available accounting statements to ensure financial settlements tie to contractual terms.


UES will work tirelessly to make sure that all marketing and midstream counterparties are notified so that contracts can be assigned to the new operator. Further, we will ensure that revenue is distributed correctly and that all nominations are in place so that the transition goes smoothly and your oil and gas continues to flow.


Once the acquisition has closed UES will work to execute on the value enhancing projects identified in the diligence process. We will manage all aspects of the marketing position and seek to maximize the value of the asset.

UES was instrumental in providing the marketing services necessary to support Premier Natural Resources II's growth from inception to over $800MM.
I've found the entire organization to be dedicated to adding value in all efforts and extremely committed to working with the client on any and all requests.
Joe Bielstein, Vice President, Premier Natural Resources