Midstream Support

UES is able to efficiently deliver a cost-effective solution to managing the full range of support functions for companies operating gas processing, gas gathering and various other midstream facilities.

By leveraging its significant levels of experience in managing back office and support functions, UES is able to deliver a cost-effective solution to managing a full range of services for companies operating gas processing, gas gathering and various other midstream facilities.

At present, UES provides critical support and manages volumes of natural gas from over four hundred miles of pipeline and processing facilities totaling over 450 MMCFD of capacity located in Texas and Louisiana.

Our job is to maintain a continuous flow of natural gas in order to maximize the value of your midstream asset. We have a proven track record of configuring and implementing scalable solutions by leveraging our significant levels of experience in the following disciplines:


Our measurement group is proficient with every major provider's electronic measurement system and can process and allocate production from a near limitless number of sources. Because volume times price equals revenue, we specialize in accuracy of measurement, gas composition analysis and meter calibration.


Our scheduling group is a 24/7 team of people moving gas on 70 different interstate and intrastate pipelines in the United States. These responsibilities are shared and covered such that every facility and receipt point managed by UES has a contact at all times. We are dedicated to keeping gas flowing while minimizing imbalance positions.


Our accounting group is proficient in revenue collection and disbursement, gas accounting and invoicing and full processing plant settlement. The accounting team will assimilate all volume and pricing data generated by other groups in order to account for all revenue due each client and will deliver a monthly statement which accounts for all molecules managed by UES.

Contracts: Administration & Management

Our contract administration group ensures that every agreement managed by UES is organized and maintained in electric copy format for ease of reference by clients. The terms of each contract are maintained in summary format and used to verify plant settlement statements and invoices.

I've found the team at Upstream Energy Services to be fair in their business dealings, very competent and an excellent resource for gas marketing solutions and top-tier risk management solutions.
They always make it a point to treat people fairly and have been incredibly responsive to the needs of their customers.
Dennis McCanless, Managing Director, EnCap Flatrock Midstream