Oil & Gas Marketing

Our value-added approach to oil and gas marketing places significant resources at your side to ensure that your production receives the highest market price.

As an independent agent working on your behalf, UES can equip operators of production with the information they need to make intelligent and timely marketing decisions which will improve the profitability of its wells. Our dedication to fee for service relationships with our clients ensures that our interests are aligned.

UES negotiates purchase and sales, transportation, processing and other marketing agreements on behalf of its clients. UES manages agreements on behalf of clients and utilizes its own agreements in UES' name, where appropriate; accounting in full to each client for their production bought and sold. Additionally, UES provides immediate assistance with scheduling, measurement, accounting, contract administration and other burdensome marketing related functions.


UES provides comprehensive marketing services at all stages of the drilling and production of its client's wells. Our services include pipeline discovery and mapping, well connection, price and netback analysis, contract review and negotiation and all other marketing related functions.

UES will sell its clients production in multi-month, monthly and daily periods via negotiations with end-users and through the online physical natural gas trading platform maintained by ICE (Intercontinental Exchange). In a routine month UES executed over 600 monthly transactions and averaged over 20 daily spot transactions with over 150 different counterparties. During this same month, UES managed over 5,000 individual transactions as agent for our 120 clients.


UES seeks to capture the full value of its client's gas stream through contracts with gas processors which allow producers to participate in the valuable NGL market. UES provides transportation, fractionation and marketing services of its clients Y-grade stream recovered at processing plants. Most of these transactions occur at Mont Belvieu which is the most liquid NGL trading hub in the world.


The domestic crude market will continue to be dynamic with high regional volatility. UES seeks to keep its clients well versed in market developments in order to optimize service and price. UES provides evaluation of existing crude oil contracts, initiates bid processes and helps producers decide which market delivers best on its respective price, service and creditworthiness. Additionally, we provide monthly contract price reconciliation and assist in solving problems associated with crude oil movement and measurement.


UES is able to identify and assess price risk associated with client's oil and gas production and offer recommendations on physical risk management strategies. We conduct both technical and fundamental analysis on the factors affecting the commodity markets and propose a full array of physical products to meet each individual's risk tolerance.

Without Upstream we would not have been able to achieve the same level of success in the Eagle Ford Shale.
Extremely knowledgeable and creative, responsive and totally customer focused. I have always viewed them as a partner working with us not for us.
Andy Agosto, Vice President of Business Development, Carrizo Oil & Gas